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Vineyard Implements

The right equipment at the right price can help the bottom line of any business. That is why, for over 40 years, the vineyard and orchard growers have looked to Gearmore to help supply the ever-demanding need for the finest and most reliable equipment available.

Please consider these implements for helping you in the care and maintenance of your vineyards.

You can also download specialty brochures containing information on implements geared towards the care and maintenance of vineyards.
Sprayers_low volume spraying_chemical sprayers
Our Venturi Air Sprayer models P45 and P50 feature the latest technology in low volume spraying. Vineyard growers achieve the following benefits - better coverage from smaller and more uniform micron droplet size, less fill-ups, less wasted chemical and lower maintenance costs. The special distribution heads are designed to spray two half rows (P45), or two complete rows (P50).

The COLLARD Vine Trimmers eliminate excess vine growth, open canopies for better air circulation and greatly improve spray and dust penetration. We have a complete line of machines available for trimming one half row, two half rows, one complete row or two complete rows. Also, if none of our standard models fit your requirements, custom built models are available. Vine Trimming Collard

Leaf Remover
The COLLARD Leaf Remover uses a system that is so effective it can be used through the whole season from before flowering to harvest. Our leaf removers expose the clusters to air and sunlight and improves spray penetration. We are able to give all the results like handwork at a fraction of the cost per acre.

The COLLARD Prepruner cuts long canes small enough that they fall through the wire which is an aid in clean-up. The Prepruner features a dual system for opening and closing of the cutting heads, unique optical cells "electric eyes" and manual hand lever. These front mounted Prepruners for vertical trellis vine grapes are low maintenance and high production giving the COLLARD units high marks with several leading California growers. Collard Prepruning_Prepruner

Flail mower_shredder_low profile shredder_mower_brush mowing This Flail Mower/Shredder is narrow yet features a 70 HP rated gearbox. The low profile design is a great aid for working in tight areas. The two largest shredders have manual offset, return to center with optional hydraulic offset. Excellent for mowing grasses or brush up to 2 inch in diameter. Shredder is available with hammer knives or double Y blades. Rake teeth are an option.

This unique Compost Spreader was designed to be able to spread a wide range of materials such as - compost, peat, concentrated manure, lime, gypsum, dried grape pomace and other types of fertilizer. The spreader features a patented two gearbox system, one powers the spinner and a second gearbox is geared to a low RPM for the agitator. Spreaders_compost_peat_manure_dried grape pomace_fertilizer spreading
Air Blast Sprayers_sprayer_pesticide spraying This Air Blast Sprayer is ideal for small to medium size vineyards. The sprayer features a reinforced polyethylene tank with smooth lines that is gentle to the plants. The tank is suspended from a heavy duty tubular steel frame to isolate from vibration and stress. The gearbox has neutral position which shuts off the fan during handgun or boom work.

Our Duster combines simple design with quality craftsmanship. The all gear drive provides maximum performance with low maintenance. Sulfur is accurately applied with easy to set application rates. Wind velocity of 150 M.P.H. insures maximum coverage. Other duster features are: polyethylene tank with cover, wrap-a-round tubular steel frame, mechanical agitation and adjustable fishtail nozzles. Duster_sulfur duster

Disc_Discing_Tandem Disc_Disk_Tandem Disk This Tandem Disc is excellent for knocking down weeds, leveling, and mixing in residue. The 22 inch notched front blades aid in cutting through hard soils, while the rear smooth blades give a smooth finish. The heavy disc weight of 1420 lbs. allows for cutting through highly compacted soil. Narrow row crops like grapes and berries require heavy duty tillage tools such as these discs.

The Gearmore N Series Tillers are the ideal tool for vineyards to prepare a seedbed for cover crops. Also great for general weed control and provides uniform mixture throughout cultivated depth. Produces loose textured soil that holds moisture and reduces erosion. These tillers are for tractors up to a maximum of 70 horsepower.
Tiller_tilling_seedbed preparation_cultivating

Row Mulcher_Mulch_Organic mulch More and more vineyards are incorporating organic mulch and compost as a means to enhance the soil, retain moisture, and reduce chemical usage. Row Mulchers make large scale use of mulch feasible for any size vineyard. The machine applies neat, uniform rows of mulch right where you want it. The removable cross conveyor allows for spread down row centers.

Our Ripper with the V design and curved shanks greatly reduces the horsepower requirements. The deep ripping obtains excellent soil aeration, which allows greater water penetration and absorption. Also increases root growth and penetration. All this adds up to better crops and higher profits.
V Ripper_Ripping_

Row Mulcher_Mulch_Organic mulch Our line of Pendulum Spreaders feature an advanced mechanism with regulating key that allows for quickly setting the spread pattern. Other features are exact rate/spread control, quick change spouts, low filling heights, and easy maintenance. The spreading width with the standard spout is 20 to 46 feet. A spout is available for narrow row and wide row vineyards from 3 to 14 feet spread.

The Spin Weeder cultivates up to 5 inches deep and is self powered by the forward speed of the tractor. The spin weeder does not damage vines because of the adjustable spring loaded retraction system. The weeder wheels spin around the vines and the tilled soil is forced between the weeder head and the vine base, thus giving additional cushion. Spin Weeder_Cultivate_Weeder