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Contractors and landscapers in the West demand labor-saving equipment to improve their bottom line. The right equipment at the right price can help the bottom line of any business. That's why the western landscape industry and construction industry has looked to Gearmore to help supply the ever-demanding need for the finest and most reliable equipment available at the right price.

Below you will find some examples of implements to aid you in your daily construction work.

You can also download brochures containing information on implements designed for construction applications.


Backhoe_trenching_digging_Bradco Our complete line of tractor mounted Backhoes were designed with the strength and features of construction backhoes. Available in 3-point hitch or sub-frame mount; makes it easy to install when trenching projects are required. The large operator area allows for easy entry and comfortable operation.

Bradco's best selling Ground SharkTM Brush Cutter is now available in a standard duty class. The Ground SharkTM family of brush cutters have been engineered to handle your toughest vegetation management jobs. Ground SharkTM brush cutters are compatible with all major OEM branded Skid Steer Loaders. They are available in standard and extreme duty classes, standard and high flow, and a variety of cutting widths from 60" to 78". The standard duty unit cuts light to medium density brush and trees up to 4" in diameter.
Mowing, brush cutter, mower, vegetation management, skid steer loader attachment

Grading_leveling_landscaping_road repair_ripping_scarifier_breaking soil clods The Gearmore Grading Scrapers were designed to perform many different tasks, such as: landscaping, road repair, arena maintenance, etc. Many unique features enable the operator to do a number of different tasks, no matter what the soil conditions. Repairing Roads - The dual blade flow through action cuts out high spots, fills holes and moves material from the edge of the road toward the center, thus achieving a smooth finished road.

Another new addition to our growing range of vegetation management products is the Bradco Flail Mower. The FME 30 is intended for 3 - 6 ton excavators and the FME40 for 6 - 10 ton excavators. Both come with standard skid shoes for guiding the mower over ground. These excavator mounted flail mowers are ideal for reaching over obstructions, into ditches, and up hillsides. They can handle tall grasses, heavy brush and trees up to 4 inches in diameter. Bradco Flail Mower, FME40, Mower, Shredder, Flail,

Cement Mixer

This quality built Mixer effectively blends a wide variety of materials including concrete, seed, divot repair mix, and fertilizers. The internal mixing plates give an effective blending action thus eliminating a lot of tough hand labor. The double acting hydraulic cylinder assures complete dumping and return to loading position.

Our Bradco Cold Planers are available in high flow and standard flow models. Planing widths of 12, 16, 18, 24, 30 & 40 inch. They are fully adjustable with electro-hydraulic controls. Joystick controls for depth, tilt, and side shift. Drum diameters of 19 and 22 inch with carbide picks. Cold Planer

Level Best Laser Grading Scrapers These Laser Scrapers are usually sold with the optional laser grading system, as it allows the scrapers to finish grade elevations to within 1/4 inch. The top of the line Para Level Scraper is the smoothest operating system, as the grading box adjusts independently from the skid steer and the floatation wheels. The double box on the Para-Level also allows grading in forward and reverse. These high strength scrapers are designed to give years of trouble free use.

These Bradco Root Rakes make your skid steer and track loader more productive. Dual use - rip out roots and grapple material. Widths of 72, 78 & 84 inch. The root rake has a 49 inch grapple opening and dual hydraulic cylinders. These heavy duty root rakes are built for extreme duty use. Root Rake_Grapple_Ripper

McMillen Hydraulic Diggers The McMillen X Series is the most trouble free Hydraulic Digger on the market today. These diggers feature an in-line sealed planetary gear reduction drive design. This clean, effective system ensures long, trouble free usage. All X Series models feature reverse rotation for quick backout when obstructions are encountered. The systems hydraulic relief valve protects the digger from damage when an auger hits large immovable objects.

Our Bradco 4-in-1 Buckets were especially designed for tractors under 40 horsepower. The buckets are made of high strength steel and are light enough for the loader to lift a full bucket load. The buckets are designed to pin directly to your loader arms. A quick attach system is also available to make switching buckets and other attachments easier. Bradco 4-in-1 Bucket

High Capacity Drag Industrial Scraper

We offer two series of Drag Scrapers that are the ultimate when grading large amounts of dirt. Both series are high capacity scrapers with four tires for added flotation. Large 5/8 x 8 inch reversible moldboard cutting edge and replaceable side plate cutting edges protect the scrapers from wear. When moving large amounts of soil in general agricultural or construction projects with high horsepower tractors, these scrapers will fit the bill

Our Bradco Trenchers are available in digging depths of 36, 42 and 48 inch - Trench digging widths of 6, 8 and 10 inch. They are equipped with two position side shift, high torque hydraulic motor for maximum digging power and replaceable headshaft driven auger for spoil removal. Bradco Trencher Web Page