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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Why don't you have your prices on your website?
A - We are a Wholesale Company that distributes our products to tractor dealers that in turn sell to the end user. The tractor dealers determine the final sales price.

Q - Why do you only sell your products through tractor dealers?
A - There are a number of reasons dealers need to be involved in our marketing. Our implements need to be set-up and serviced, which is best performed by experienced dealer service departments. The equipment is usually technical, so the dealer needs to instruct the end user on how to safely operate the equipment. Also, spare parts availability and after sales services can only efficiently be handled at the local level.

Q - In what states do you market through tractor dealers?
A - Since we started in business 46 years ago, we have actively marketed through tractor dealers in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii. This is the only area where we have field sales personnel working with dealers.

Q - How do we know which tractor dealer we should buy your equipment from?
A - Call us and we will advise the name of the dealer nearest you who would have the Gearmore implement in stock, or have the most knowledge on the product you are interested in.

Q - I do not live in any of the states listed above, so how can I order your implements?
A - You can contact a local dealer and ask them to contact us.

Q - Can I call you to get more information on your products?
A - We welcome your calls at any time - just call 1-800-833-3023 or email