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Spin Weeder
For High Speed In-Row Cultivation

The Spin Weeder is a "patent pending" berm tilling and in-row weeding system. The Spin Weeder digs into the row line, tills the soil and uproots the weeds.The "NEW" 3 gang disc assemblies cultivate an additional 15" on each side. The Spin Weeders do not require a power source as they are self-powered by the forward speed of the tractor. The units can be mounted on fixed or hydraulic adjustable frames. Spin Weeders operate most effectively at 5 to 7 MPH. The weeders do not damage plant trunks because of three special features:

1. The adjustable spring loaded retraction system

2. The weeder wheels spin around the plant base

3. Tilled soil is forced between the weeder wheel and the vine base giving additional cushion

The Spin Weeders were developed for vineyards, but can also be used for in-row weeding in narrow row orchards.

Item# and Item Description Wt. Set-up Time
3-Pt. Manual Adj. 6′ to 8′ Rows
1000 lbs.
3-Pt. Hydraulic Frame for 8′ to 10′ Rows
1250 lbs.
3-Pt. Hitch Hydraulic Frame for 10′ to 12′ Rows
1330 lbs.

Options and Accessories
Spin Weeder Assembly only, LH
135 lbs.
Spin Weeder Assembly only, RH
135 lbs.
3-Pt. Hitch & Frame 8′ to 10′ Rows
260 lbs.
18" Diameter Adj. Coulter Assy
36 lbs.
18" Diameter Coulter Assy with Depth Band
45 lbs.
Single Gauge Wheel
50 lbs.
Parking Stand
10 lbs.
18" Half Sweep, S Shank & Brkt. LH
20 lbs.
18" Half Sweep, S Shank & Brkt RH
20 lbs.
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